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Hi there! I'm Legenia Bearden!

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Sincerely Legenia Keto Spice Blends is a product dedicated to providing “momma’s home-cookin' ” in your very own kitchen from just one bottle of seasoning. It’s Keto seasoning that doesn’t taste like you’re on a diet. All spices are Keto, Vegan, Paleo, All Natural.


Sincerely Legenia Keto Spice Blends was sparked less than a year ago after YouTuber Legenia Bearden began to get inquiries from her subscribers about homemade spices she used in her YouTube Recipes. Her channel highlights Keto/low carb traditional recipes, her faith, family, lifestyle vlogs.

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Meet the Founder!

Legenia is an author, producer, director, businesswoman, photographer, Bible teacher, podcast host, recipe creator, wife, mother, and, most importantly, a woman of God. She started her YouTube channel Sincerely Legenia as a way to share her love for good home cooking and currently has over 6 thousand subscribers. Shortly after beginning her channel, she was receiving lots of inquiries about homemade spices she used in her videos and was inspired to provide them through a business venture for the convenience of her followers. Thus, Sincerely Legenia Keto Spice Blends was born!


Legenia is also the Founder and Executive Director of Bearden Productions Center for the Arts (BPCA) a 501c3 performing arts organization in North Little Rock, AR. Her passion to work within her community combined with her love for theatre inspired her to start the company in 2006. BPCA offers acting, dance, culinary, and canvas painting classes for little or no money to children and adults desiring to learn more about and/or perform in the arts.  


In her spare time Legenia host her podcast shows Success in Christ on iTunes, she cooks, does photography, and writes; truly a woman of many hats. She is also the assistant Bible teacher alongside her husband at the church she and her family have been members of for more than 15 years. When she is not traveling with her husband on his speaking engagements, Legenia is out ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the spoken word or song. 


Legenia has an AA in Business, BA in Business Administration, and a Master of Public Administration from Webster University. She and her husband Rev. Daniel Bearden have been married for 15 years and have 4 children, Theresa, Daniel, Autume, and Angelina.

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